Open Fibre Data Standard

0.3.0 release

Welcome to the Open Fibre Data Standard 0.3.0 release.

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Fibre optic networks are approaching the status of essential infrastructure for a modern economy. Yet, the telecom sector lacks readily available and usable data on fibre optic network infrastructure.

The Open Fibre Data Standard (OFDS) describes:

  • What data to publish about fibre optic networks in order to meet a range of use cases

  • How to structure and format data for publication and use

To get an introduction to open fibre data, the data standard and the key concepts behind it, read the primer.

To learn how to publish and use open fibre data, read the guidance.

For details of the OFDS data model and publication formats and for the specific rules that need to be followed to publish OFDS data, read the reference.

For information about how you can access support with publishing or using OFDS data, look at getting help.

For information about changes in each version of the OFDS, read the history

To find out about the policies and processes that govern the development of the OFDS, read the governance page.