0.3.0 release

Welcome to the Open Fibre Data Standard 0.3.0 release.

We want to hear your feedback on the standard and its documentation. For general feedback, questions and suggestions, you can comment on an existing discussion or start a new one. For bug reports or feedback on specific elements of the data model and documentation, you can comment on the issues in the issue tracker or you can create a new issue.

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This page describes the policies and processes that govern the development of the Open Fibre Data Standard (OFDS).

Normative and non-normative content

This section describes the normative status of content within OFDS. Content is defined by reference to the location of the source files in the standard repository, rather than by reference to the documentation website.

Normative content is the prescriptive part of a standard. It sets the rules to be followed in order to be evaluated as compliant with the standard, and from which no deviation is permitted. The following content is normative:

  • JSON schema files located in the schema directory, specifically network-schema.json

  • Codelist CSV files located in the codelists directory and its subdirectories

  • Reference markdown files located in the docs/reference directory and its subdirectories

Non-normative content is the non-prescriptive, or ‘descriptive’, part of a standard. It can include analogies, synonyms, explanations, illustrations, context, and examples. In the event non-normative content contradicts normative content, the normative content takes precedence. All content not explicitly listed above is non-normative.